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We're Stephen and Jules of Those Vegan Chefs. We create Vegan recipes. We post weekly so stay tuned great new recipes! Learn More...

Vegan Ramen

Jump to recipe Jump to Video Cooking this Vegan Ramen recipe is pure joy. I can honestly say this is why I still love cooking, after spending my entire adult life in the kitchen, nothing makes me happier than creating…

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Vegan Breakfast Casserole

Jump to recipe Jump to Video Breakfast casserole may seem like a dish that you just dump whatever into. Well, this is not that breakfast casserole. This is a stand-alone recipe that will make even your non-vegan eaters so happy….

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Lentil Burgers

Jump to recipe Jump to Video Everyone needs a Vegan Lentil Burger recipe in their life! It’s healthy, full of fiber, high in healthy plant-based protein, and yes, full of umami. Deep robust flavors from the combination of spices, soy…

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Vegan Aioli Sauce

Jump to recipe Jump to Video Vegan Aioli Sauce is a must have recipe for your culinary took box. This recipe is simple to make with floral notes balance with the garlic and creamy sauce. This vegan take on the…

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Chocolate Chip Cookies

Jump to recipe Jump to Video Red wine is not the only thing that improves with age. It’s hard to believe that a chocolate chip cookie gets better and better with time. If you think about it, the flour and…

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Vegan Toffee

Jump to recipe Jump to Video Vegan Toffee is not hard to make. You do have to keep a very close eye on it as it can go from done to burn in a millisecond.Shop the Recipe…Candy ThermometerSheet PansOffset SpatulaHow…

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Vegan Tuna Salad Sandwich

Jump to recipe Jump to Video How to make the best and most authentic Vegan Tuna melt has been a mission for me for some time. When I say I have made and eaten more vegan tuna melts than I…

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